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How To Duild Your Own Dropshipping Website With WordPress and Aliexpress

Greetings! In this article, I’ll show you How To Duild Your Own Dropshipping Website With WordPress and Aliexpress.

Topics Covered In This Tutorial

  • Getting ready with domain and hosting
  • Installing the WordPress platform
  • Installing the Flatsome Theme
  • Importing products and Marketing your dropshipping website

The nicest aspect about this lesson is that you don’t have to be an expert in website development. It is entirely user-friendly, with ‘Drag and Drop’ capabilities, making building and marketing your website a piece of cake. You may add as many features as you like and quickly configure it to give it a professional appearance. WordPress is a CMS-based platform that requires very little technical knowledge to develop websites. In certain ways, you don’t need to be a web development expert; just a little knowledge and practice can serve for creating amazing e-commerce websites.

What is the difference between WordPress and Shopify?

  • WordPress is far more adaptable and far less expensive than Shopify.
  • Shopify charges $299 per month, but WooCommerce is free.
  • WordPress charges one-time costs for your website and is far more versatile than Shopify.

After completing this lesson, you should be able to create your dropshipping website in less than 2 hours. What else? Build one for yourself by carefully following the procedures.

Getting ready with domain and hosting

  • Buying Hosting – The first step in creating a website is to buy a domain and hosting. You may get a 60% discount by clicking the link on
  • WordPress Installation – The next step is to install the most popular WordPress platform on our domain.
  • Installing Flatsome Theme — You will learn how to install the Flatsome Theme, a top-rated and best-selling e-commerce website theme.
  • Importing Items – In this phase, you’ll learn how to use the Alidropship plug-in to import products from Aliexpress onto your WordPress websites.
  • Marketing – The final part of this lesson is to drive visitors to your dropshipping website, steadily increase sales, and get the top search engine ranks with minimal effort.

Setting up the domain and hosting and create your own dropshipping website using WordPress and Aliexpress.

Go to by clicking on the subscription link. I’ve been utilizing for the past five years. It is the most trustworthy and quickest hosting service provider. It also offers 24-hour customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

1Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress

The ‘select a plan’ tab may be found by scrolling down. There’s a long variety of plans to pick from. Choose the one that best meets the needs of your e-commerce website.

2Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress

The ‘GrowBig’ option is the most recommended since it allows you to host an infinite number of dropshipping websites. Growbig is the greatest solution whether your website is a blog or a small business. The ‘GoGeek’ option is intended for high-end e-commerce websites. Like this, press the ‘order’ icon beneath the list.

The next step is to register a distinct domain name. So, once you place your order, you’ll get a screen like this where you may enter your domain name for your dropshipping website.

3Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress

Insert the name of your website into the input box and press the ‘continue’ button. Before selecting the ‘continue’ button, be sure you tick the ‘Domain Registration’ option in the bottom left.

Finally, you must provide the account details for the fund transfer.

4Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress

If you scroll down this page, you will see the opportunity to use the word ‘period’ in your domain name. Then, you may preserve ‘domain privacy’ and a ‘SG site scanner’ to secure your website from hackers and dangerous internet components.

5Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress

It is strongly advised that you investigate both of these methods in order to keep all types of risks to your e-commerce website at bay. To finalize the payment, click the ‘Pay Now’ option. Congratulations! You have successfully acquired a domain name for your dropshipping website.

Understanding the dashboard

After purchasing the domain, you will be given a personalized dashboard with which you must become acquainted.

After logging in, you’ll be sent to a website with several tabs, including Home, My Account, Support, Billing, Referral Deals, Add Services, and Resources. Explore each of these tabs to learn about the purpose and benefits of the SiteGround plan you’ve chosen. The dashboard contains all information linked to your hosting plan, including any domains you own, and it is critical that you get familiar with how to handle difficulties using this dashboard.

6Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress

Installing the WordPress platform

You must have learned how to use your SiteGround dashboard when creating your own dropshipping website with WordPress and Aliexpress.

The next step in dropshipping your website is to install WordPress on your hosting account. Select the domain for which you wish to install WordPress in My Accounts and then click Manage account. It directs you to the cPanel, which looks like this:

6Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress

Choose WordPress from the Autoinstallers menu. By clicking the ‘Install Now’ option, you may install the CMS platform. From the list, select the appropriate domain name. Enter the name and description of your website. Next, enter your WordPress login credentials. The remaining boxes are self-explanatory, so just fill in the ones you are certain of. If you are unsure, leave it as is and click Install.

WordPress Workspace

After you install WordPress, you will be given an administrative URL that will take you to the WordPress dashboard.

8Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress

This is the foundation upon which your website will be built. WordPress, as you are aware, is a perfectly user-friendly platform. The dashboard is also incredibly easy to use and comprehend.

The dashboard’s left sidebar provides a variety of options for managing and maintaining your website. The’settings’ area is where you can access and manage all of your website’s information. Simply scroll through each of them to get a sense of their capabilities.

Creating web pages using WordPress

It takes relatively little effort to develop appealing and unique web sites using WordPress. Web pages are essential components of a well-designed website. They must be exact while also captivating the readers with their substance.

Navigate to the ‘Pages’ tab on the dashboard’s left side. Select the ‘Add new page’ option and enter the titles of the pages one by one. After that, in the ‘All Pages’ tab on the left, you may move between pages and see them separately. You may now change these pages and apply appealing Flatsome themes to make the website appear more professional and elegant.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 9

Installing the Flatsome Theme

Despite the fact that there are several WordPress themes accessible, the Flatsome theme is the most popular due to its adjustable and flexible conversion options. It allows you to easily market your items and categorize them so that your website looks structured and uncluttered. The most appealing aspects of this Flatsome theme are as follows:

  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • SEO optimized code
  • Catalogue mode
  • Built-in wish list
  • Quick view features

After installing the Flatsome theme using the installation procedure, you will see an outstanding array of Flatsome themes in the Appearance>Themes area of your WordPress dashboard.

Select the best theme for your e-commerce site and click the ‘install’ button at the top.

Now, click the ‘Activate’ button to launch the Flatsome setup process.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 10

To finish the setup, go through the wizard’s stages. Because it is self-explanatory, I will not go into great depth in this lesson. You are now ready to add more elements to your website that will interact with visitors and increase your earnings.

Installing plugins

Plugins are similar to applications for your website. These will improve the way you personalize your website, and you may use them to add more features. WordPress has thousands of free plugins to select from, which is why it is the most popular website builder on the market.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 11

After you activate your plugin, it appears in the widget area of your dashboard’s left pane. You may modify and expand the functionality of your plugin whenever you want. You may put the plugin wherever you like, for example, here we have a Facebook like box, and I’ve put it in the footer.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 12

Using the Contact Form

A contact form is a must-have for any e-commerce website.

This form is used for main contact through email.

First, you must install the Contact Form 7 plugin. After activating the plugin, navigate to Contact>Contact Forms.

By pressing the’save’ button, you may preserve the changes you make in preset contact forms. Under the Mail tab, make sure you provide the target mail id. All communication requests will be forwarded to this email address.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 13

The next step is to incorporate the Contact form into your website.

Navigate to the Edit page>UX builder>

Choose the form you wish to include.

Again, there are options for selecting the best layout for the contact form.

Designing your web pages

To modify a webpage, go to your dashboard and choose the ‘Edit page’ option at the top. You may add items to your website manually or using the Flatsome studio link on the left side. It provides a variety of pre-built themes for quickly creating a dropshipping website. Select your favorite design, upload it to your website, and you’re done.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 14

So now you have a completely working website; all you have to do is tweak it a little and it will be up and running! Let’s go over how to modify the pages. The pre-built flatsome theme includes several components such as categories, sliders, banners, and menus.

All you have to do is alter the text for your e-commerce website, update the graphics, add videos or flash components, and drag and drop elements wherever you like. It’s as easy as it sounds.

You may also combine components from other templates to create a new one. It would be beyond the scope of this tutorial to explain every single stage in the creation of the e-commerce website.

You can refer to my previous guide on’step by step construct and develop an e-commerce website from scratch’ for more information. Let’s move on to the next section, which is theme modification with ‘Theme Customizer.’

Every WordPress theme includes a ‘theme customizer.’ This allows you to choose your website’s home page, or you may add and alter headers and footers with the Footer widget, change page layout, share icons, create menus, and so on.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 15

Creating Header

Preset headers are available in the theme customizer; you can choose any of them to save time. You can make changes to these default headers to make them more fit for your requirements.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 16

Purchasing a logo

The logo is a crucial aspect that represents your company. As a result, it is important to invest some time and effort in selecting the most appropriate logo and incorporating it into your website. I really suggest for getting a logo at a low cost. You may pick a pricing range and have your logo created. You may now upload the logo to your website after purchasing it.

There is a ‘logo and site identity’ tab in the theme customizer. Select the logo and the location of the logo file. Whoa! Your logo can now be seen on your website.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 17

Adding Images

Adding photos to your website is akin to putting a cherry on top of a dessert. If you’re seeking for free photos and icons in a variety of areas, try,,, and others. These provide an incredible selection of free photos for download. So all you have to do is submit the image to your site and multiply the effect by multiples.

On the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Edit pages> UX Builder and add the photos anywhere you like on your website.

Creating menus

To make menus, go to your WordPress dashboard>Appearance>Menus.

Choose the pages where you want the menu to appear, enter the relevant text, then click ‘save menu’.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 18

Creating Footer

Every page has a footer area at the bottom. It includes widgets like as a ‘Facebook like box,’ a sitemap widget, and any copyright notices, as well as a list of highlighted items and a list of all the pages on your website.

Under the customize option on your dashboard, you may design and update the footer. After you have listed or imported the items on your website, we can additionally include highlighted products in the footer area.

Select WooCommerce items in the widget area and begin specifying the amount of products you wish to show in the footer section.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 19

You should have mastered the following skills by now:

  1. Design your homepage
  2. Adding header, logo and the footer
  3. Activating widgets and plugins
  4. Inserting images
  5. Customizing contact form
  6. Customizing and merging elements in a web page
  7. Using predefined templates from flatsome theme studio

Activating WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the fastest-growing online business trends. You can easily import things, sell them, and make a lot of money using WooCommerce. It will be quite valuable to your internet business.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 20

To finish installing WooCommerce, navigate to the WooCommerce>settings tab and perform the setup wizard. The wizard is self-explanatory, and you must continue filling in the data in order to allow WooCommerce payments.

This wizard simply generates a jetpack and WordPress account to make the payment requirements lot easy and timesaving. Once the process is finished, we will create a goods page and integrate them into your website.

You may add details about your product one by one here.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 21

To finish developing the product sales page, enter in data such as name, description, sale prices, discount period, inventory, shipping details and measurements, related items that you recommend to your consumers, and so on.

Don’t forget to upload an image of your product from the image gallery and choose or add a category on the right pane before publishing it online. Here’s an example of a product page.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 22

The advantage of using WooCommerce on your website is that it automatically includes pages such as customer account, store, cart, check out, and so on. When you view the list of pages that have been added to your website, you must design distinct menus for each of them. You can return to making a menu section for easy remembering.

You may add widgets to your items such as Filter products by rating, Filter products by price, Upsell products, Cross-sells products, and so on to make it easier for people to examine your product.

Enabling Payments on your website

This is the most important stage if you want to build your own dropshipping website using WordPress and Aliexpress. The goal of creating an e-commerce website is to maximize earnings through online resale, and we’ll show you how to achieve it right now.

  • Set up a PayPal business account.
  • Connect your PayPal account to the payment options offered by WooCommerce.
  • Install the Stripe plugin to add Stripe to your WordPress website. Choose and activate the WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway.
  • Set up Stripe as an additional payment option by entering your credit card information and connecting your Stripe account to WooCommerce payment methods.

Testing the Stripe payment method

If you go via your Stripe account, you will see two publishable test keys that you may use to see if this approach is actually functioning on your website.

Copy and paste these two secret keys into the ‘Test publishable key’ box in the WooCommerce settings>payment section beneath the Stripe payment method.

Enable ‘test mode’ to ensure a successful test run.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 23

Before you can test the Stripe payment method, you must first configure the shipping information and costs for your items. Set the shipping zone and pricing for your items to be shipped to your consumers. You have the option of using automatic taxable live rates (USPS) or setting your own flat delivery cost.

After you’ve entered your shipping information, you may test the product page. Place an order on your website and provide data such as the shipment address, billing phone number, credit card information, and so on. Once this is completed, you will receive an email informing you that your order has been processed, along with your order number and delivery information.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 24

You may access your Stripe account and check the balance to see whether you have received the payment. The money is instantly reflected in the Net sales volume, indicating that your test run was successful!

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 25

Congratulations on establishing a secure payment mechanism for your WordPress website. You may now exit testing mode and run it in real time. To make your payment method live, uncheck the ‘Viewing test data’ checkbox on the left of your Stripe account and utilize the publishable keys under Developers>API keys.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 26

Similarly, in the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the WooCommerce payment tab, uncheck the test mode, then copy and paste these keys into the Live Publishable key input box. Save the modifications and then publish the website. You will receive real-time money whenever someone purchases a product from your website.

Linking web pages on your website

The trick to getting massive traffic to your e-commerce website is to include as many links as feasible. Linking pages inside a website increases incoming traffic and helps it rank high in search engines.

Using the UXBuilder, select the buttons you wish to link to pages and mention the URL to that specific page.

When a visitor clicks on the button, the website is redirected to that page.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 27

Voila! You are now an expert WordPress website developer. Let us now import items from onto your website.

Importing products and Marketing your dropshipping website

Importing from

You’ve reached the final stage of dropshipping your website, and once you’ve mastered it, your e-commerce firm will flourish in no time, generating you an incredible profit. Click on the link below to get a 10% discount and a 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy the plugin for your website. Download the plugin that was emailed to you and then upload it to the WordPress platform. You can quickly search for and import goods after activating the Alidropship plugin.

  • Enter the category of your product, keywords, price range, and purchase volume. Select ‘apply filter’.
  • Choose the product to import and click ‘Add to Import List.’
  • Using the UXBuilder, you may modify the presentation or description of items imported from Aliexpress.
  • You may add more categories by using the Product Categories widget and the Product Search widget to improve your customers’ search possibilities.
Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 28

Installing a Chrome extension

The Chrome plugin is suggested since it aids in the resolution of glitches and errors that may occur during transactions. You can proceed by installing this extension on your browser.

To begin importing items straight from, enter the License key that was issued to you in the ‘License’ tab of the ‘Alidropship’ widget on the dashboard.

When searching for items to import onto your website, be sure to choose e-packet enabled products. These have a shorter delivery time than those without an e-packet and are highly recommended. After all, you don’t want your clients to be kept waiting for a product they ordered from your website.

After selecting and classifying the items, click ‘import products’ to begin the process of importing them onto your website.

You can validate whether the import procedure was successful by looking at the Products widget on your dashboard.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 29

You may change the product description, variables, and erase undesirable photos and information to entice consumers to buy the product from your website. This allows you to import as many items as you like directly from and sell them on your website.

Pricing your products

The price system is the most amazing aspect of dropshipping your website. You may profit handsomely by selling the imported list of items at a price greater than its cost price. You will have predetermined pricing formulae for the items, and anytime a consumer puts a purchase, you will receive a portion of the earnings with no effort. There is no need to worry about shipping because it is sent straight to the buyer from

To configure these pricing formulas, go to settings>pricing>pricing markup formula. You may change the numbers and ranges as you see appropriate and specify how much profit you want to make from a product.

When you begin modifying the prices, WooCommerce immediately adjusts the cost of all the goods on your website, and it’s that simple.

Dropshipping Website Using WordPress and Aliexpress 30

When you get a customer’s order, the first thing you should do is purchase the merchandise from

In the shipment information, provide the customer’s shipping address.

The shipping information may be found in the order that you just got from your customer.

Go to WooCommerce >orders >modify order.

You may provide these specifications to, and they will ship the product to the buyer.

You should tell that you are dropshipping when you purchase the product so that they do not send bills to your customers. Send them a courteous note asking them not to send promotional materials and invoices with the merchandise to the mailing address and confirm your payment.

Helpful tips on how to create your own Dropshipping Website using WordPress and Aliexpress

  • Sign up for commission programs like EPN Aliexpress or Admitad Aliexpress if you want to increase the profitability of your e-commerce by earning 12 percent cash back on every product you buy from Go to the Settings page on your dashboard and input the cash back URL that was sent to you.
  • To earn a few dollars more when shopping on, utilize a credit card that offers cash back.
  • You may encounter several problems and technological issues when dropshipping your website. A good idea at this stage is to clean your cache on a regular basis. This will significantly decrease loading difficulties and enhance turnaround time.
  • When you are not importing items or have completed importing them on your website, deactivate your browser extension.
  • Clear your internet history to boost your surfing performance.

The verdict

You’ve learned how to make your own Dropshipping Website with WordPress and Aliexpress in this tutorial. You can now develop a fully working dropshipping website with all of the features and functionality you need to launch your business online. Extensive research on CMS and the WooCommerce platform will yield more knowledge on website dropshipping with WordPress. You should now be able to tell the difference between WordPress and Shopify, as well as why dropshipping from a WordPress website is considerably more profitable than shopify.

Three cheers for my followers who have mastered the art of creating your own webstore using WordPress!

This tutorial is also available in video form.

Read more here or go to the home page.

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